With You In Mind


 A customer told me a story about the volunteer work that she does and the little person she came across. She had this little person in mind when she walked into my shop. You see, my faithful customer had a plan…she was going to needlepoint a project for this little one. She had no idea what kind of piece she wanted to work on but she was confident that it had to speak to her. I began the search for the perfect piece and after some time emailing back and forth my customer happily wrote back “This is the One!” The piece was entitled First Sight Love and it reminded her of the first time she met this little being. What’s the takeaway? Embark on a project for that someone special. Think about the significance of your relationship, the times you spent together, the one small moment you shared and look for that canvas that speaks to you. You’ll be so much happier stitching when you remind yourself who you are stitching for. And the end product is worth millions more than you spent on the project.