“I love to needlepoint, but I don’t have enough wall space for all these canvases.” This seems to be a very common theme among needlepointers. To which, I share, “you can do so much more than hang it.”

The Stitchery has recently turned  beautiful completed canvases into tote bags. Why shouldn’t everyone, not just the guests in your home, be able to see your work? Tote bags make great gifts for family and friends. Who doesn’t need an extra bag for their gym clothes, dance clothes, sports equipment, groceries or travel?

The Stitchery has also made framed canvases and cushion-backed canvases for display on an easel as a coffee table piece. They make great conversation pieces and can be meaningful house gifts.

Finally, pillows of all shapes and sizes, make great accent pieces—anywhere: home, summer homes and office.

Think about what you want to do with your next canvas. The options are enormous.