For all of us needlepoint lovers, there are three golden rules……


Be Happy….Be Happy….Be Happy….


You need to pick a canvas not for its color or size. Rather, you need to select a canvas that makes you smile. Needlepointing is a labor of love. It is the gift that you have touched, held, and worked on, and it is the gift that lasts a very long time. Not only that, but it is not a project that can be rushed. It takes a considerable amount of time, effort and thought to complete.


So, when deciding which canvas to buy, make certain it brings a smile to your face and warms your soul. Because you have to work on it and the more you love it, the more time you will spend on it. Enjoying the piece that you are working on ensures that it will be finished.


Don’t buy a canvas because of size or color. Buy it because you love it. Buy it because it has some meaning for you or for the person to whom you are gifting it. The rest will fall into place.